Sometimes your pc may wake up automatically. There are some system-hardware triggers exist to do that, you know. And one of the most popular is, of course the mouse. Quality of mouse and the surface is the reasons for that triggers. Also shaking of table or hit the mouse inadvertently is may the other disruptions of that progress. In this case, most stable solution is disable the mouse. How does? Let’s step by step together;

First of all open the “Control Panel”. (Searching start by typing when you press Start button or Windows+S button on keyboard. Search starts by your typing after that you press Start button or Windows+S button on keyboard.) Select Control Panel > “Mouse” for open the mouse properties.

Switch to Hardware tab on Mouse Property window.
There is a button on the bottom-right that provide driver info and the other details. But I want to point an issue before continue. Manufacturer info ! It indicates Microsoft. Ok, this is normal but if your mouse and keyboard are Microsoft products, that mean we may have a problem. However, that can not deter us, can we? Anyway, we will discuss the solution of this issue in the next lines. Now, let’s go on by pressing the button.
We click “Change settings” and then accept possible permission warning.
After giving permission, attention to “Properties” window. It has new tab. Go to next step by clicking this tab which really interests us.
Uncheck “Allow this device to wake the computer” for switch to inactive status. But this step may not work because of your mouse and keyboard are Microsoft’s or similar products. Namely, Windows may use same driver for each devices. Also, consider that you may continue to use the Windows default universal driver, even if you have devices that are produced by different manufacturers. So this will cause again the same problem!
And finally, as usual click Ok then end progress. But only for this part, for now! If your device manufacturer is Microsoft or similar, we can continue with second part. But no, if you are done with this part, I will be happy to see you here again. But wait, I have a request for you. May be it is not necessary but there is benefits for restarting pc. So, I want you to restart your pc and to do some trials for detecting to affect to sleep mode of your mouse. If you do not get desired results, you can continue on second part of this series. If you think that there is a different problem, I will do my best in case you specify details from the comment field below the page. Good luck…