Warning: This article is a two-step solution. This is the last part of that steps. So, if you did not see the first part of this series, I recommend to you to see the first one. You can use this link to switch to the first part: “Disable Mouse for PC Sleep Mode – Part 1″

Welcome to the second part of that series. So the first part did not work? Actually it will works, because in some cases the first part may be the pre-request part that necessary to complete of second part! I assume you complete to these steps and I am starting to show you the solution steps by opening the Control Panel.

In the first step again we select Control Panel > “Keyboard” option like in the first part for open the keyboard properties.

Switch to Hardware tab on Keyboard Properties window.

This is the place that the confusion out! As you see, there are two keyboards in the panel and as you guess, one of these keyboards represents the mouse! In my case the upper one is the mouse. You can find the right one by try it out but there is a simple way to find that one!
As I pointed out in the images, we need to examine their “Location”s. The keyboard specified as “on Microsoft Hardware USB Keyboard” and mouse is the other one. We select mouse option in here and then press the bottom-right Properties button for opening HID (Human Interface Device) Properties window.
Press the bottom-left “Change settings” button and then accept possible permission warning.
After giving permission, go to next step by clicking “Power Management” tab on Properties window.
Uncheck “Allow this device to wake the computer” for switch to inactive status. With this option we overcome driver issue from part one and finally we disabled the mouse.
As you know, as usual click Ok then end progress. Next step is to restart your computer when you are not busy. This is necessary to apply to settings. If you do not get results even with this part, please feel free to write a comment at comment / discussion part at the end of this page. My helpful visitors and I will do our best for solve your problem. See you on next posts.