Missing "VRay - Physical Camera"

Release27 Jul 2017
I want to share a VRay issue that I've encountered before with you. When you want to use VRay Camera in 3ds Max 2017, in some cases you can see

Win10 Mail Accounts Rearrange

Release09 Jul 2017
You do not get bored by Windows 10 Mail when you rearrange your mail accounts. You can overcome this issue with some methods like in the tutorial. Enjoy...

Unity Roadmap

Release01 Jun 2016
Unite Europe 2016 was started yesterday (May 31) that I am curiously following but unfortunately could not go. And the first presentation was about the future of Unity.

How to Enable Cortana

Release26 Apr 2016
Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.

Word Vertical Centering

Release18 Apr 2016
Vertical centering of headings in the Word file is usually a problem. As a solution, we use Enter button for this. Actually Word provides a solution, but they threw this

Adobe CC / FAQ

Release24 Jun 2013
Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish.