string graphics = "Dreams";

Ihave always been on good terms with the electronic devices. The Computer is the one that I am impressed the most among all. In the secondary and high school years, it bewitched me and put the pressure on me to over specialise in itself. As a consequence of this interest, I started my academic life by receiving the Computer Engineering visa in the year of '99. During my University years, the electronic devices and codes are not the only ones that exist in my mind, the other subject started to attract my attention: Graphics. I focused on the three dimensional objects mostly. Later on, forging a link between the threeD objects and codes became a pleasure and significance to me.

The code line in the frame, represents the correlate I consider important.

The correlate between them is so strong that it can combine two opposite expressions when it reflects out; Virtual Reality. The Codes represents the reality side and the Graphics represents the virtual side of the expression. Such that, some code lines always listen, observe and watch you in the background. It use your whole movements to provide a new dimension for graphics. And the graphics includes you in that atmosphere. It makes you feel like you are there and it renders the environment more realistic due to the interaction with itself. Thereby, you feel closer to your dreams.

I keep on my studies on this subject with C#, 3ds Max and Unity 3D. I shared some of the present studies of mine on the other pages and as I find an opportunity, I will keep on sharing. I truly appreciate your interest and precious time, best regards.

Ahmet Orhan Tohma