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macOS High Sierra Security Bug

Release12 Jan 2018
Apple released new updates for their macOS (v10.13.2) and iOS (v11.2.2) devices on last Monday (8 January). They tried to take prevention with this update for Spectre security bug but

Intel Optane 800P

Release11 Jan 2018
Intel introduce Optane 800P M.2 ssd card at CES 2018. 800P is the successor of Optane series that will offer two choices as 58GB and 118GB. Maybe it doesn't satisfy

Mouse and Sleep Mode (Part 2/2)

Release31 Jul 2017
Welcome to the second part of that series. So the first part did not work? Actually it will works, because in some cases the first part may be the pre-request

Missing "VRay - Physical Camera"

Release27 Jul 2017
I want to share a VRay issue that I've encountered before with you. When you want to use VRay Camera in 3ds Max 2017, in some cases you can see

Use of "foreach"

Release25 Jul 2017
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3D Print Artificial Heart

Release14 Jul 2017
Sorry, this post is not available in your language. But if you curious about the details of this article, you can use the following alternative links.


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